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Excavator with sling bucket RUSTON-BUCYRUS 38-RB


EUR 50 600 (Ex Vat)

Excavator with Sling Bucket RUSTON-BUCYRUS 38-RB for sale!

  • Manufacturer: RUSTON-BUCYRUS
  • Model: 38RB
  • Y.O.M: 1970 according to owner
  • Weight: 58 500 kgs according to owner
  • Bucket volume: 2 cubic
  • 15 liter cummins engine
  • 21 meter mast
  • Inspection expired in August 2023
  • Has been in full production until May 2023
  • Fully functional machine according to owner

For information: Loading help is available, can be taken down and made ready for transport by owner.

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