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Ref.no. S1880


2014 Ford Transit Mini Bus 17 seats

2014 Ford Transit

EUR 14 822 (Ex Vat)

Year model 2014
Ca Km 197 972
HK 150
Kw 114
Euro 5
Inspected to 20201031
Last approved inspection 20191009
km last inproved inspection 166975 km
Tachograph Yes
Tachograph inspected Ja
Own weight 3167 kg
Payload 1433 kg
Total Weight 4600 kg
Length 6758 cm
Width 2126 cm
Height 2746 cm
Diesel heater Yes
Tires Ok
AC Yes
Number of seats 17
Radio Yes
Ready for delivery immediately Yes

Ford Transit Minibus
17 seats
Multifunctional steering wheel
3 point belts
In good condition
The bus has been running in school traffic
Ready for delivery

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